Mission Statement


About the PrepProgram

The PrepProgram is a non-profit youth organization that was created to help student athletes realize their full potential as students, citizens and basketball players. The PrepProgram provides student athletes with a highly competitive basketball program. Select spring and summer basketball is the enticement, but academic achievement and participation in positive social activities are the primary goals. Our players compete at the very highest level of basketball competition at local, regional and national tournaments. It takes dedication, discipline and effective organizational skills to successfully manage the academic and athletic demands of this grueling schedule. Thus, our players learn valuable life skills that will serve them well in college and beyond.

We firmly believe that with continual or occasional assistance, every PrepProgram participant has the ability to graduate from high school and then gain admission to college. We are committed to helping student athletes who are motivated to excel and focused on attaining specific goals. The student athlete, however, must have the intrinsic desire to succeed.



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