Become a Tutor



The PrepProgram provides a free tutorial program to help student athletes reach their academic potential. Upon request, the PrepProgram will provide the following:

  • Tutorials given by St. John's ("SJS") upper school students;
  • short or long term tutorial commitments based on the student’s needs;
  • tutorials in any subject or any number of subjects; and
  • access to the SJS library where the tutorials will take place.

The tutorials will be held at the SJS campus library at times and on dates that are mutually convenient for the tutor and the student. Alternative location arrangements can be made between the parties, if desired. Students should complete the PrepProgram Tutoring Request form and submit it to their coaches or team contacts, who will forward the form to: Steve Bashen at 1616 Voss, Suite 300, Houston, Texas, 77057, or fax to 713-780-8206.

A meeting will then be arranged between the student and tutor. Coaches, parents and students may contact Steve directly at 713-780-8056(O) or at sbashen@bashen.net. Parents, coaches, team representatives or students will be responsible for transportation to and from SJS.


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